Toggle menu ltd is a company formed by Chris Cooper over 20 years ago to promote the expos and events.

Chris arrived in NZ at the age of 20, with 8 years experience as a performer at the top levels in the UK. He needed to prove his ability in television production and two years later became TVNZ’s youngest director and producer, directing the first series of ‘Ready to Roll’, and went on the direct and produce for television, entertainment shows including the landmark ‘Howard Morrison In Concert’, ‘Opportunity Knocks’, the series of ‘That’s Country!’ that was sold to the US, Telethons, concerts, ballets and talent shows etc. He went freelance and directed music videos for a children’s programme – ‘The Magic Box’ – which sold to 44 countries.

Parallel to this, Chris was asked to do products launches for clients such as Nissan and Fisher & Pykel, and began his own events company. He organized ‘The Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition’ which ran for 12 years, finishing at the Aotea Centre, at which many fledgling companies exhibited, including Phoenix Foods, Ceres, and Good Health Products. Other events included the Auckland Celtic Festival, and specialist shows including gems, and an event including an expo and a weekend of 40 seminars which ran for eighteen years.

Chris has always been active in his community, and spent 9 years as an elected community board member. He spent six years as a trustee of the Hauraki Rail Trail Trust, promoting the idea to businesses, Councils, and communities. When the GFC hit, the Employment Summit resulted in the concept of a NZ Cycleway. The next day Chris wrote to the PM and within 8 months the Rail Trail had become a Government project. He is also a long term chairperson of the Waitakere Health & Education Trust.

He is a published non-fiction author, having been asked by Random House NZ to write a consumer’s guide in 1993. His first novel, Love & Secrets of the Templar, is available from this site. Chris lives with his partner Elsie in Auckland, and maintains a 5 acre lifestyle/holiday block in the Coromandel.

In short, Chris has organized everything from bike rallies to Telethons, from concerts to conferences. He can manage, advise, and give creative input.