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Love and Secrets of the Templar

Love and Secrets of the Templar

NEW from Chris Cooper.

In 1114, four knights who had spent nine years in the holy land returned to France. They asked the leading churchman of the age Bernard of Clairvaux, to set a unique rule for warrior monks, as they wished to take their vows and dedicate their lives to crusade and Christendom.

From this Templar genesis this story weaves its way down the generations in France to a time when Templar power was at its height, and to the start of the dissolution of the Order. The thread between the generations is uncovered, and many of the myths about the Templar are visited, and for many, the very foundation of their beliefs are challenged and shaken.

The Templars certainly had many secrets, and their loves were acknowledged to be numerous over the 188 years of their religion, fighting, alcohol, secrecy, wealth, women – and men. But attached to every other Templar Knight was a family story, with wives, sons, daughters, lovers, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters – all touched by the extraordinary power of Templar romance, chivalry, commitment and popular acclaim.

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